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I am tasked with a project to model an underwater pipeline and the ocean floor, given the coordinates representing the ocean floor, as well as the the pipeline. Ideally the pipeline would roughly look like the real thing, but this is not essential.

In addition, particular points on and off the pipeline will be identified as points of interest with associated information, which appear when the point is clicked on. Since there will be many points of interest, it is important to be able to zoom.

It should use only open source (BSD licensed) tools. Finally, it would be able to deal with frequently updated information as the pipeline deteriorates over the years, and therefore the process should be automated.

Would I use something like Mayavi? http://docs.enthought.com/mayavi/mayavi/index.html I went through the first parts of the documentation, and my idea is to create a scalar field out of the coordinate information. But I am not sure how to label the points of interest.

Or would I use something like CAM?

fyi, I am very new to all this, so may be missing obvious options!

edit: any way to add points of interest to either Mayavi or Blender? They are both scriptable and otherwise fit the bill.

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Instead of making random words boldface and therefore making your question hard to read, I suggest you boil down your question into a more concise form. Also, if you're looking for a 3D modelling program that is scriptable and (IMO) simple to work with, try Blender. It's completely scriptable via Python and it should work well for visualization at least. –  Blender Jun 27 '12 at 2:29
rather than getting the data in, the user interface is going to be your main problem. Here blender's Game engine might be of great advantage over other systems. You could distribute your updated data and allow the users to zoom in on their particular points of interest. You'd need to build a script/workflow for updates to be imported into the "game" and generate the relevant geometry (terrain/pipes/repair states) –  Loopo Jun 28 '12 at 0:23

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