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I want to create an SQL query that selects the pictures of females in my database then randomise the pictures after that select pictures of males than randomise them . For instance there are 40 pictures of girls and 60 pictures of boys . I want that 1st 40 pictures of girls are selected (shuffled and then the remaining pictures of boys are selected (shuffled)

Hope i am clear . I have two tables "userID" field is the one that links both the tables.

User table (age , UserID , gender) | Picture table ( UserID , numberoflikes , picure_location)

Is there anyway I could generate this query ?

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SELECT picure_location
FROM Picture
  INNER JOIN User ON Picture.UserID=User.UserID
ORDER BY gender,RAND()

You might need ORDER BY GENDER DESC, RAND() depending on how you represent the gender.

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Please try the below:

SET @num1=0, @num2=0;
SELECT t1.*, p1.picturelocation,t2.*, p2.picturelocation 
    SELECT UserID,gender, @num1:=@num1+1 AS num
    FROM UserTable WHERE gender='Female'
) AS t1
    SELECT UserID,gender, @num2:=@num2+1 AS num
    FROM (
        SELECT *
        FROM UserTable WHERE gender='Male'
        ORDER BY RAND()
        LIMIT 40
    ) AS t
) AS t2
ON t1.num = t2.num 
INNER JOIN PictureTable p1 on t1.userid=p1.userid 
INNER JOIN PictureTable p2 on t2.userid=p2.userid;
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