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I just learned from another question that Haskell is called a curried programming language because it applies function currying by default. What are other languages that display this behavior?

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What I have done: googled "curried programming languages", checked the first 3 links. googled "curred programming languages list", checked the first 3 links. googled "programming languages by features", checked the first 3 links. Searched on stack overflow for [currying] [programming-languages], [currying] list, [currying]. – Viclib Jun 27 '12 at 2:55
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Of the less esoteric languages it is mainly Haskell:

f x y z = x + y * z
g = f 4
r = g 7 8

OCaml and F#:

let f x y z = x + y * z
let g = f 4
let r = g 7 8

and to a lesser extent SML (where libraries use currying less):

fun f x y z = x + y * z
val g = f 4
val r = g 7 8
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