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In my project `

$cid = $this->Surgical->find('first',array('conditions' => 
 array('to_char(dt_surgery , \'DD-MM-YYYY\' )' =>'to_char(now() ,\'DD-MM-YYYY\')')));

In debug mode the query equals the following:=

SELECT "Surgical"."id" FROM "surgicals" AS "Surgical" WHERE to_char(dt_surgery , 'DD-MM-YYYY' ) = 'to_char(now() ,''DD-MM-YYYY'')' LIMIT 1

My problem is unwanted quotes at 'to_char(now() ,''DD-MM-YYYY'')' i.e at begin and at end. Also there is double quotes at ''DD-MM-YYYY''

My db is Postgres and cake version is 1.3. Actually I want the following 'where' condition inside the select query

WHERE to_char(dt_surgery , 'DD-MM-YYYY' ) = to_char(now() ,'DD-MM-YYYY') LIMIT 1
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Did you try this? Notice line 3 does not have ' => ' but just =

$cid = $this->Surgical->find('first', array(
    'conditions' => array(
        'to_char(dt_surgery , \'DD-MM-YYYY\') = to_char(now() ,\'DD-MM-YYYY\')'
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