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In face-configs.xml,

        <redirect />

When Login return “failure”, the return page is login.jspx but not login.jspx?Error=InvalidUser in the website address.

How can I fix it? Thanks!

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Looks like you tagged the question as JSF 2.0, why are you still using config file for navigation? – Ravi Jun 27 '12 at 5:24
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JSP/JSPX is much different from JSF.while going with JSF2.x versions it is best suggested to use a JSF page(.xhtml) for the UI development. Instead of fixing the above error I would suggest you to do the application either completely using JSF or JSP, not advisable to merge both and get into compatibility issues.

Also in JSF-2.x versions we dont need the navigation-rules to be defined in faces-config.xml, they can be configured the web page or the respective managed bean itself

 <h:commandLink id = "submitBtn" value="New Page" action="#{bean.showPage}">

bean can have a method

public String showPage(){
  return "\login.xhtml";


<h:commandButton id="submitBtn" value="Submit" action="Response.jsp">
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You need to specify them as <view-param> in the <redirect>, not in the <to-view-id>.


Since JSF 2.0 new implicit navigation feature it's possible to get rid of navigation cases altogether. The above can be replaced by returning the following string in action method.

public String login() {
    // ...

    if (failure) {
        return "/login.jspx?Error=InvalidUser&faces-redirect=true";
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