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I have a onclick function like this

onclick = function(){alert('hello')}

I want to add an additional function to it base on the server response so that I can display more, like not only display hello but also 'you are welcome', how to writ this without jquery?

onclick = function(){alert('you are welcome')}

thank you for helping.

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Use addEventListener.

elementSelected.addEventListener("click", function(){
    alert('you are welcome');

This is a modern way to do that.

For that old IE, you have to do this instead:

elementSelected.attachEvent("onclick", function(){
    alert('you are welcome');

So a more convenience way to do that is

function addEvent(ele, type, func){
        ele.addEventListener(type, func, false);
    }else if(ele.attachEvent){
        ele.attachEvent("on" + type, func);

addEvent(document.body, "click", function(){
    alert("Hello world!");
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Using event listner's might do the trick ,but please note that the W3C model does not state which event handler is fired first.

I would better suggest you to check for the server response from within your function and call the second function from there.

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Without jQuery, add event listeners instead of using the onClick values. Here's a description.

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Function hello(){
// do wat you want here
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