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Hi all this is my maven comd to upload a file

mvn -e -s C:\settings.xml deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=D:\abc.exe -DgroupId=Agent -DartifactId=Instal -Dversion=1.2.3 -Dpackaging=exe -DuniqueVersion=false -DrepositoryId=releases -Durl=http://xyz:8081/internal/

i have placed this command in a batch file which i am calling from ant using EXEC task only problem is file=D:\abc.exe will always change,so i want to pass this from ant to batch and use it at file="ARGUMENT FROM ANT" can someone tell me how can i do it...in ant the file name is always stored in ${FILENAME}.

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You could consider using the Maven ANT task to deploy your file. –  Mark O'Connor Jun 27 '12 at 21:53

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Use arg values like this :

<exec executable="cmd">
    <arg value="/c"/>
    <arg value="thebat.bat"/>
    <arg value="${FILENAME}"/>

then retrieve it here in your bat file :

set myfile=%1
mvn -e -s C:\settings.xml deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=%myfile% -DgroupId=Agent -DartifactId=Instal -Dversion=1.2.3 -Dpackaging=exe -DuniqueVersion=false -DrepositoryId=releases -Durl=http://xyz:8081/internal/

check it there : http://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/exec.html

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