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I'm looking to port Oren Tirosh and Thomas Boege's excellent patent2pdf script (http://www.tothink.com/pat2pdf/pat2pdf) into a few languages, the first one being C#, so that it can more easily utilize it in my school research and so I can use it if I build other applications.

The script requires an http fetcher and some libraries to manipulate TIFFs.

I think I am familiar enough with the C# libraries to handle the http fetching aspect of things, however, the I'm not sure about how to best convert the TIFF files to PDFs. This SO question (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/336466/free-tool-or-library-to-convert-tiff-files-to-pdf-in-net) suggests using PDFSharp or iTextSharp. Has anyone had any experience with those libraries? Are there other recommendations?

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I made some investigation about tiff to pdf conversion, and the fastest and easiest API I found was abcpdf.

It's not free but because I have a lot of conversions and its critical for the business, it is a good choice.

Itextsharp is a good option also, but its slow. I made some tests and I had performance metrics. Unfortunately I just can't find them. Sorry...

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iTextSharp is also not free if you use it in a closed source application. –  Bobrovsky May 3 '11 at 17:00

To convert TIFFs to PDFs you may want to try two libraries produced by the company I work for.

Completely free solution:

LibTiff.Net library. It's the C# version of well-known libtiff library (released under New BSD license). The library comes with tiff2pdf utility that produces PDFs from TIFF files.

Better, but not free solution:

Docotic.Pdf library. The library can create PDFs from TIFF (and other types of) images. The library can handle some legacy and non-standard TIFFs produced by legacy scanners and faxes. You can even use partially broken images. There are some options to recompress images before putting them into an output PDF.

You may take a look at the samples for image-related tasks.

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I've used iTextSharp to generate PDFs but not to convert TIFF to PDF. However for generating PDF files from C# code I've found it to be very useful and fairly easy to use. It has the added benefit of being well known in the .NET community.

I guess your best bet is find some candidates via a Google session, shortlist a few and try them out. It wouldn't be too hard to abstract out the conversion component so you could quickly change the converter at a later date.

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I recently completed a similar project and used PDFSharp for my needs. This is an excellent library and you'll find using this very intuitive. You can get started from the below location: http://pdfsharp.codeplex.com/

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