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Currently I create a plugin that when executed need to be access the classes from project artifacts and retrieve the annotation.

 * Generate document for services
 * @author Ali Irawan
 * @goal doc
 * @requiresDependencyResolution compile
 * @phase generate-sources
public class GeneratePlugin extends AbstractMojo {

     * project
     * @parameter expression = "${project}";
    protected MavenProject project;

     * scanPackage
     * @parameter
    private String scanPackage;

    public void execute() throws MojoExecutionException {
        getLog().info("My Maven Plugin Started");
        getLog().info("Scanning package: " + scanPackage);

        // PluginDescriptor pluginDescriptor = (PluginDescriptor) super.getPluginContext().get("pluginDescriptor");
        try {
            ClassLoader original = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();

            Collection urls = new ArrayList();

            Set<Artifact> artifacts = project.getArtifacts();
            Iterator<Artifact> iterator = artifacts.iterator();
                Artifact entry = iterator.next();

            urls.add(new File(project.getBuild().getOutputDirectory()).toURI().toURL());

            Thread.currentThread().setContextClassLoader(new URLClassLoader((URL[]) urls.toArray(new URL[urls.size()]),original));

            ClassLoader loader = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
            Class clazz = loader.loadClass("com.goijo.mona.services.AuthenticationService");
            getLog().info("Class name: " + clazz.getName());

            // This always return 0, don't know why ?
            getLog().info("Annotation : " + clazz.newInstance().getClass().getAnnotations().length);

            // Restore class loader

            getLog().info("MyMaven Plugin Stopped");
        } catch (Exception e) {


Then I use this plugin in other project


When I try to execute the mvn goals using

mvn my:doc

It produce this output

[INFO] Scanning package: com.goijo.mona.services
[INFO] Class name: com.my.services.AuthenticationService
[INFO] Annotation : 0

Any one can help why the annotation is always 0 As my class com.my.services.AuthenticationService is already annotated

@InfoIn( ... )
public class AuthenticationService {


And the annotation is already set the RetentionPolicy

public @interface InfoIn {

    public Info[] value();

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You should take a look at maven-processor-plugin (github.com/versly/wsdoc can help in getting started with your AnnotationProcessor) –  RC. Jun 27 '12 at 5:12
Nice, i would look at it. Thanks –  Wen Jun 27 '12 at 7:18

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