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I am not able to establish the connection between my client(chrome) and server(nodejs web socket server). Once the server starts listening to the incoming requests, after 2-3 minutes the following error occurs: CALL_AND_RETRY_2 Allocation failed - process out of memory at my nodejs server and client says "INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11".

What is the solution?? How to quick fix this??

So onOpen is not getting called here.

I am reading a huge xml file at my server end using the following logic:

fileSystem.readFile('config.xml', 'ascii',
        function (err, data)     
            if (err)  
                throw err;  
            xmlData = data;  
           domParser = require('xmldom').DOMParser;  
            xmlDoc = new domParser().parseFromString(xmlData.substring(2,xmlData.length));  
             context = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("default")[0];  

If I comment the above lines, it is working fine. But my requirement is to read and parse huge xml file. How can i achieve this?


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show your client code and server code. that would be useful in trying to solve your problem. –  c0deNinja Jun 27 '12 at 5:16
use a streaming xml parser .. something that doesnt blow the GC –  oberstet Jun 27 '12 at 7:24
yeah.. I thought of using node-expat. So posted this: stackoverflow.com/questions/11220728/… –  Smitha Jun 27 '12 at 13:05

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