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I want to create a hidden field and create a link in one helper and then output both to my erb.

<%= my_cool_helper "something", form %>

Should out put the results of

link_to "something", a_path
form.hidden_field "something".tableize, :value => "something"

What would the definition of the helper look like? The details of what link_to and the form.hidden_field don't really matter. What matters is, how do I return the output from two different calls.

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remember that since Rails 3 you need to mark strings as html_safe to avoid XSS attacks. –  asymmetric Jun 15 '12 at 13:31

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There are several ways to do this.

Remember that the existing rails helpers like link_to, etc, just output strings. You can concatenate the strings together and return that (which is what I do most of the time, if things are simple).


link_to( "something", something_path ) +  #NOTE THE PLUS FOR STRING CONCAT
form.hidden_field('something'.tableize, :value=>'something')

If you're doing things which are more complicated, you could just put that code in a partial, and have your helper call render :partial.

If you're doing more complicated stuff than even that, then you may want to look at errtheblog's block_to_partial helper, which is pretty cool

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Nice and simple answer! Plus FTW! –  Sixty4Bit Sep 21 '08 at 21:26

So far the best I have come up with is:

def my_cool_helper(name, form)
  out = capture { link_to name, a_path }
  out << capture { form.hidden_field name.tableize, value => 'something' }

Is there a better way?

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Your answer helper me greatly. Thank you! –  de_an777 Feb 28 '13 at 23:04

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