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Any way to get a dash as part of a property name in C#?

In SQL, it's [some-thing]. In JavaScript, it's myObject["some-thing"]

I ask as a desperate attempt to avoid writing a custom XML serializer which uses dashes in the element names (not by choice.)

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Do you serialize the XML-Data to classes/objects using the XMLSerializer. Then you can use the XmlElementAttribute on properties to specify which tag maps to property – Jehof Jun 27 '12 at 6:08

No, but based on your previous question if your problem is serializing / deserializing XML then you can use attributes, like the following:

public string SomeLongProperty { get; set; }
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Probably not what you where asking, but you can use unicode in your variable.

You can also replace dash '-' with some other char, on the way in, and then back on the way out of your C# code.

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