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how can I make my mvc 3 application 100 % secure. I am using a sql server 2008 db as a backend. I am also planning to use WCF to post data back to the db.

so my ideas sofar is using : -wcf request throttling -use the antiforgery token. The db has sensitive information so I dont want it to get compromised or accessed. What can i do make sure this is safe? Am I missing some other issues?

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  • Don't use dynamic SQL
  • Use an ORM
  • Don't create your own authentication and authorization mechanism unless absolutely necessary. Try to use Forms Authentication if you can.
  • Apply a global authorization filter to facilitate making sure your pages are locked down
  • Keep cookie use to a minimum (you can use session most of the time, really!) as they can increase the surface of exploitable entry points into your application
  • Don't do stuff with your code that can get hacked easily, I have posted about some extremely simple exploits in the past
  • Read and understand the OWASP top 10 security exploits
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