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I have three types of products

 - Retail products (ID,product_categoryId,price,name)
 - Courses (ID,course_categoryId,price,name,roomId)
 - Events (ID,name,price,StartTime,EndTime)

All types have its own price. Should I create a single table for all mentioning the parent it or I have to create separate tables for each type?

Remember the user can buy multiple types. (For example she can by 2 retail products 3 course and one events). So the invoice is created in this way.

Kindly help

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Why not create your tables like this (TSQL)

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[ProductTypes] (
    [Id] INT NOT NULL ,
    [Description] NVARCHAR(MAX) NOT NULL

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Products] (
    [ProductTypeId] INT NOT NULL, -- FK to ProductTypes table
    [Price] ...

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[OrderItems] (
    [OrderId] INT NOT NULL ,
    [ProductId] INT NOT NULL

... and so forth?
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the post edited. Kindly see the tables schema now. Each product type have different attributes. For example events have startDate and EndDate which other do not. –  Gunah Gaar Jun 27 '12 at 7:36

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