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My requirement is to get items, only from custom-columns, in a SharePoint list using LINQ.

Since my custom columns are created dynamically based on some calculations done on another SPList, it keeps increasing and decreasing in the count frequently, therefore I cannot use SPMetal.

I need to include a condition (!(SPBuiltInFieldId.Contains(field.Id))) to check if the items are taken only from custom fields in the following query.

List<SPListItem> AllResponses = (from SPListItem Response in oList.Items
                                select Response).ToList();

Please advice. Thanks!

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I'm not sure it's possible to have a list item that contains only custom columns. Even if Title is not there, you'll have ID, Modified, Created, etc. Plus, there will be a number of hidden built-in columns.

If you want a list of items that contain items with custom fields, you can try something like the following, which utilizes Where and Any methods:

List<SPListItem> AllResponses = 
    (from SPListItem Response in oList.Items select Response)
    .Where(item => item.Fields
        .Any(field => !SPBuiltInFieldId.Contains(field.Id)))

This will return all items that have at least one custom field.

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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately this did not fulfill my requirement. The round about method that I followed is 1. Create custom columns under a group 2. LINQ query to filter the columns that belong to this group This separates custom columns from the other default list columns, but this gives only the field names. I am new to LINQ and I do not know how to get SPListItems with this list of fields. Now what I want is List<SPListItem> AllItems = (from SPListItem item in oList.Items select {the fields that are in AllFields list}).ToList(); Please help. Thanks! –  Chari Jun 28 '12 at 9:11

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