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I have those predicate:

          % Signature: student(ID, Name, Town , Age)/4
      % Purpose: student table information

      student(547457339, riki, beerSheva , 21).
      student(567588858, ron, telAviv , 22).
      student(343643636, vered, haifa , 23).
      student(555858587, guy, beerSheva , 24).
      student(769679696, smadar, telAviv , 25).

      % Signature: study(Name, Department , Year)/3
      % Purpose: study table information

      study(riki, computers , a).
      study(ron, mathematics , b).
      study(vered, computers , c).
      study(riki, physics , a).
      study(smadar, mathematics , c).
      study(guy, computers , b).

      % Signature: place(Department ,Building,  Capacity)/3
      % Purpose: place table information

      place(computers , alon , small).
      place(mathematics , markus , big).
      place(chemistry , gorovoy , big).
      place(riki, zonenfeld , medium).

I need to write predicate noPhysicsNorChemistryStudents(Name , Department , Year , Town)/4: find all students' name who not learn physics or chemistry. I don't know how to write it. I think it should be something with cut.

          % Signature: noPhysicsNorChemistryStudents(Name , Department , Year , Town)/4

Why this is not true? :

  noPhysicsNorChemistryStudents2(Name , Department , Year , Town) :-
  student(_, Name, Town, _), study(Name , Department , Year),
  pred1(Name , physics , Year ) , pred1(Name , chemistry , Year ).

  pred1(N,D ,Y):-  study(N , D , Y ) , ! , fail .
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Not in Prolog has a weird syntax, on purpose to highlight that could be very different from what people expect. See CWA if you are interested.

The operator is \+, and syntactically it's banal: just prefix a goal with it to get a true when what you know that goal is false, and viceversa.

Then your assignment could read:

noPhysicsNorChemistryStudents(Name , Department , Year , Town) :-
   student(_, Name, Town, _),
   \+ ( AnyCondition ).

See if you can devise the AnyCondition formula, that surely use study(Name, Department, Year). You could apply Boolean algebra to factorize:

(not A) and (not B) = not (A or B)

edit under CWA, we can use negation as failure. That's the way Prolog implements \+

\+ G :- call(G), !, fail.

add to correct

\+ G.

Should be clear now that if the predicate, with \+ allowed, would be like

noPhysicsNorChemistryStudents(Name, Department, Year, Town) :-
  student(_, Name, Town, _),
  study(Name, Department, Year),
  \+ (study(Name, physics, _) ; study(Name, chemistry, _)).

we can write

noPhysicsNorChemistry(Name) :-
  ( study(Name, physics, _) ; study(Name, chemistry, _) ), !, fail.

noPhysicsNorChemistryStudents(Name, Department, Year, Town) :-
  student(_, Name, Town, _),
  study(Name, Department, Year),
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thank you , but i forgot to tell that we are not allowed to use \+ (we can use \= , but i dont think it will work.. –  user1479376 Jun 27 '12 at 8:37
see my edit, HTH, but you really need to read that CWA page on wikipedia. Especially the PDF you find at bottom has an introductory part that explain simply what's the problem you need to solve in your assignment –  CapelliC Jun 27 '12 at 9:55
thanks..what is ment "call(g)" . what i s"call"? –  user1479376 Jun 27 '12 at 10:35
call(Goal) means prove the goal you have as argument. Note that in call(G) is uppercase, a variable, can be any term (a callable) –  CapelliC Jun 27 '12 at 10:39
i is not work to me.. can you pleaze convert it to what you suggest: –  user1479376 Jun 27 '12 at 10:49

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