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Currently I'm building a search tool as a project where the I index objects created from multiple database tables (i.e. people and things they do). I was wondering if there as a better way of going about this other than creating objects corresponding to each of the combination of people/things (there are thousands of each).

E.g. Creating an object that corresponds to Person 1 - Thing 1, and another to Person 1 - Thing 2 for all the N things that Person 1 does. Then, indexing that collection of objects. Then doing the same thing for Person 2.

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Please give an example. It is not very clear as to what you are trying to ask. –  Yavar Jun 27 '12 at 7:53
If I understood correctly I suggest you create a View in your db that would join those two tables so that each person has a single line in view with one column that would concatenate all thing the person does (which would become multivalue field in Lucene). –  mbonaci Jun 27 '12 at 8:47

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you might use Join functionality if you dont want to denormalize the records. Look at this article for starters. Performance would be worse than denormalizing but it could be good enough.

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