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I have 3 xib files, 3 buttons on all of the xib files and I am loading the view dynamically when a button is pressed.

For instance when button 1 is clicked then view 1 appears and similarly for button 2 and button 3. Is there any way to preserve these views like I have selected a tablecell and then I navigate to view 2 and then come back to button 1 and tablecell selected?

Please help me.

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Use the UINAvigtionController and also apply a method on table with in DidSelectRowAtIndexPath { [myTableView selectRowAtIndexPath:indexpath animated:NO scrollPosition:0]; }

it will help you when you come back.

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I would suggest using Storyboard for having more then one View Controller. Then you can use segues to transition between the controllers.

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You are going to use UINavigationController to go from view to view. You'll have to read up on how to use it.

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Within one viewcontroller, use addSubview: to add new views, use bringSubviewToFront: or sendSubviewToBack: to show different views, optionally removeFromSuperview. More options are in the UIView Class Reference.

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