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What type of transaction management strategy we should use in Spring? Declarative or Programmatic? Which one is better and under what situation one should use it? Can you give any proper examples or tutorial about it.

Also want to know that what is the latest things we should use while write database codes in spring? What is the alternative for HibernateTemplate?

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They are not mutually exclusive.

You can use decalrative transaction management (@Transactional) in most of cases, and fall back to programmatic transaction management (TransactionTemplate) when you face limitations of Spring AOP (see 11.5.1 Understanding the Spring Framework's declarative transaction implementation) or need to control transactions in more complex ways.

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do you really mix those two in ONE project? –  lovespring Apr 3 at 22:42
Yes. Declarative transactions for simple cases, TransactionTemplates for complex ones (e.g. in asynchronous code). –  axtavt Apr 4 at 13:36

Spring offers both programmatic and declarative transactions.

Programmatic means you have transaction management code surrounding your business code. This gives extreme flexibility, but is difficult to maintain and, well, boilerplate.

Declarative means you separate transaction management from the business code. You can use annotations or XML based configuration.

programmatic management is more flexible during development time but less flexible during application life
declarative management is less flexible during development time but more flexible during application life


Declarative Transaction Management allows to eliminate any dependencies on the transaction framework from the Java code. The four participants to provide the transaction support are transaction manager, proxy factory, transaction interceptor, and a set of transaction attributes.

Suggest to use Declarative Transaction Management, Alternative for HibernateTemplates either NamedJDBCTemplate or simpleJDBCTemplate

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