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Two questions please, as I'm new to CSS3:

1) I understand that -XXX-transtion: opacity .4s below says to Webkit and Firefox browsers: change opacity to zero over the course of 400ms. But what does the comma right afterwards mean?

opacity: 0;
-webkit-transition: opacity .4s, -webkit-transform .4s;
-moz-transition: opacity .4s, -moz-transform .4s;

2) Given the mixins.less file below, how to rewrite the above statements?

.transform(@transform) {
    -webkit-transform: @transform;
    -moz-transform: @transform;
    -ms-transform: @transform;
    -o-transform: @transform;
    transform: @transform;

.transition(@transition) {
    -webkit-transition: @transition;
    -moz-transition: @transition;
    -ms-transition: @transition;
    -o-transition: @transition;
    transition: @transition;
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The answer to your 1st question:

You can use commas in transitions to specify multiple styles for which transition has to be applied.For eg: the line -webkit-transition: opacity .4s, -webkit-transform .4s would tell to apply the transition when opacity is being changed and when a transform is being done(can be a shape change,position change or size change depending on the type of transform)

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