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in runtime i will have a dynamic dictionary object return to me

e.g var objectFromApi = {"A ":"I am A","B":"I am B","C":"I am C"}

i cannot do objectFromApi ["A"] to get the value, since i won`t able to know the key.

is there a way to print all the key and its value?

is there something like

    console.debug(objectFromApi[j].Key +"  " + objectFromApi[j].Value);


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for(var name in objectFromApi )
    if (objectFromApi.hasOwnProperty(name))



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In ECMA 5 you can also use

var keys = Object.keys(objectFromAPi)

which will return

 ["A ", "B", "C"]

then you can iterate over the array like you normally would

for(var i = 0; i < keys.length; i++){
     // do something with the value
     // objectFromApi[keys[i]] 
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