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Package's payload part has been XOR by client, so server needs to XOR it again to change it back. There is a function XOR(byte[] body) to do XOR.

After I decode the package length, I call XOR(buffer.array()) to XOR whole package(The length part will be XOR but I don't need it anymore so no harm). In this manner, it has 10% chance that decode's parameter 'buffer' in incorrect state when new package arrive, the readIndex is not 0 even I have not touch it.

Server become ok when I use ChannelBuffer's readBytes() to copy the bytes of payload part to a local byte[], XOR on the local byte[] and don't modify ChannelBuffer's content.

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I know why, parameter 'buffer' of decode might contain next package content, so the XOR only can operate on current package's content. XOR(buffer.array()) might affect next package contents

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