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I'm working on Desktop Application for commercial purposes, It was implemented in Swing/Java but it was too slow, so my manager asked me to re-implement it in different GUI frame work that is free and fast enough, any suggestions?

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As you didn't specify a language/technology, I suggest using the flex framework in flash. There exists a lot of technologies in flex that integrate very well with java. Its development environment is also very similar. Here are some java-inspired libraries/frameworks (as an example):

  • flex-mojos
  • blaze-ds/granite-ds
  • spring actionscript
  • flexUnit
  • flexmonkey (selenium)

While flash has a generally bad rep when it comes to consumer (in recent years), I believe it is very strong on the commercial side for tooling. When it comes to the UI, however, very few things beat it. I know a lot of companies still use flex front end + java back end.

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