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I'm trying to import the following txt file with SSIS 2008.

"2011-12-19 10:30:56"
"Alignement pos.10-74"  -0.0010
"Côté Rouage"
"X_pos.réf.10"  -8.8340 -8.8340 0.0020  0.0020  -0.0000 
"Y_pos.réf.10"  1.0330  1.0330  0.0020  0.0020  -0.0000 

I defined the ff connection as: Code page : 1252 ANSI ; format : delimited ; Text qualifier: " ; Header row delimited {CR}{LF}

when I then preview , only 1 column is defined and contains the whole row. If I add 5 more columns, and skip the 4 first rows, the import works as expected, but if I don't skip rows, the first column will come as: :BEGIN"2011-12-19 10:30:56""Alignement pos.10-74"

Any idea how to get correct data from that FF ?

Thanks a lot

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I just tested to do the same import with DTS 2000, no problem! Is there any bug with SSIS 2008? –  largo68 Jun 27 '12 at 9:08
It's unlikely to be a bug, but generally speaking SSIS is much stricter than DTS in what it accepts, e.g. there are no implicit data type conversions. Personally I would use some custom code (e.g. in a Script Task or Transformation) to parse this file, because it isn't a "simple" CSV format. –  Pondlife Jun 27 '12 at 16:22

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