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i would like to test behat, mink and sahi with symfony2

so, in my config_test.yml i have

   base_url:  http://localhost/Symfony_Standard_2.0.15_2/symfony/web/app_test.php    
   default_session: symfony
   sahi: ~

and in test.feature

    Scenario: Open page with products list and check it
    Given I am on "/hello"
    Then the response should contain "hello"

when i execute i have this

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function Buzz\Client\curl_init() in C:\wamp\ www\Symfony_Standard_2.0.15_2\Symfony\vendor\buzz\lib\Buzz\Client\AbstractCurl.p hp on line 26

help me please,

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It seems that you do not have cURL enabled in your WAMP installation. Actually cURL is not enabled by default in WAMP. The steps to enable it are as follows :

  1. Close WAMP (if running)
  2. Navigate to WAMP\bin\php(your version of php)\
  3. edit php.ini
  4. Search for curl, uncomment extension=php_curl.dll
  5. Navigate to WAMP\bin\Apache(your version of apache)\bin\
  6. edit php.ini
  7. Search for curl, uncomment extension=php_curl.dll
  8. Save both
  9. Restart WAMP
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thank's a lot, the problem is solved, but i have another, i asked another question here stackoverflow.com/questions/11223637/… thank you –  symfounya Jun 27 '12 at 10:00

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