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To update a project to the last review within TortoiseSVN i do: "SVN Update".
Is there a way to see the note about new revisions without having to really update my local project?

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Show log... shows the latest commits. Not just the latest commits before your last update. It does what you want by default.

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You can use Revision Graph in Tortoise SVN. See this url for detail.

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you can use show log in form context menu and then you can compare with working copy using right context menu of log window.

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right click on workingcopy folder/file->"check for modifications"->"Check Repository"

You will see for all files changed on each side(working copy or repository the current revision number and svn-status)

With double click on each entry you can even preview the result of an svn update

Commandline Client:


svn log <SERVERURL> 

gives you the version history on your server


gives you the log messages up to last version you checked out or committed

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Right Click on perticular folder/file from your working copy,go to Tortoise svn--->SVn can see there.

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