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I have a situation where need to provide attributes to properties for serialization support, the parameters of these attributes may need to be changed due to configuration differences.

Take for example (decorated for JSON.NET serialization support):

[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "customField_12345")]
public string CustomerPrefix { get; set; }

The class this exists in is never constructed by me, it is only ever used in the context of code such as var myClass = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<MyClass>(stream);

The value of the field is important, as the source web-server will provide JSON in the format:

"customField_12345" : "Value",

I have NO control over the magic number produced and it is different on my TEST and LIVE systems. Ideally I'd like to, at startup, rewrite some of the defaulted attributes with overrides located in a configuration file. At the moment, the best I have are conditional compiler directives, but this doesn't scale well.

Is it possible to walk the meta-data for a class and locate these attributes and adjust/replace them in such a way that whenever an instance is created, the new attribute values are used?

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