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I have a url that looks like this:


and I want it to like something like this:


How can it be achieved?

I tried this rule but not sure if it's ok (controller is account and action is index).

'user/<user:.*>' => 'account/index/user/test'

Thanks in advance.

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urlManager works the other way around, what you need are .htaccess redirects. –  adamors Jun 27 '12 at 10:30

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If I uderstand your question correctly, you want to handle URL's like this:


And call actionIndex in AccountController with param User, which (in this case) equals "username123"

In this case you can try the rule below:

'user/<user:.*>' => 'account/index/<user>'

But maybe you will need to change the declaration if your action:

function actionIndex($user){
    // code
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I would avoid putting params into action signatures as yii doens't go about processing actions with mismatching signatures [gracefully] at all... In fact, putting $user in will bind that action to always need a $user specified and if you ever decide to change your functionality, tracking down why your action isn't being called would be harder than determining why your $_GET isn't set... I would suggest in stead of adding the $user into the signature, just do something as follows in your action.

//will always run on /user/<USER:.*>
function actionIndex(){
    $user = isset($_GET['user'])?$_GET['user']:NULL;
        //your user specific account action..
        //handle your error gracefully..

This approach lets your action be more versatile. The URL rule should be as follows:

'user/<user:.*>' => 'account/index/user/<user>' //user is defined as a get...

Hope that helps && happy coding!

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