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The problem is that when the object is persited into the database for every change a new INSERT expession is generated. What I need is only one INSERT which to include all of the columns.

#First **INSERT** request
#Second **INSERT** request

I have the following database structure described with SqlAlchemy. What I want to do is to insert a new record in the table "users_planes_hangars". I'm trying to do that in the following way:

plane= dbSession.query(Plane).filter(Plane.plane_id == planeId).first()
garage = dbSession.query(Hangar).filter(Hangar.hangar_id == hangarId).first()


The problem is that the executed query (the query below) does not include the user_id, it only includes the plane_id and the hangar_id.

INSERT INTO users_planes_hangars (plane_id, hangar_id) VALUES (%(plane_id)s, %(hangar_id)s) 
RETURNING users_planes_hangars.user_id' {'hangar_id': 4, 'plane_id': 16}
|usersTabe| <--- |users_planes_hangars_table| ---> |planesTable|

class User(object):

class Plane(object):

class Hangar(object):

usersMeta = Table("user",
    Column("user_id", Integer, primary_key = True)

mapper(User, usersMeta, properties = {
    "planes": relationship(Plane, usersPlanesHangars)

planesMeta = Table("planes",
    Column("plane_id", Integer, primary_key = True)
mapper(Plane, planesMeta, properties = {
    "hangar": relationship(Hangar, usersPlanesHangars)

hangarMeta = Table("hangars",
    Column("hangar_id", Integer, primary_key = True)

usersPlanesHangars = Table("users_planes_hangars",
    Column("user_id", Integer, ForeinKey("users.user_id"), primary_key = True)
    Column("plane_id", Integer, ForeinKey("planes.plane_id"), primary_key = True)
    Column("hangar_id", Integer, ForeinKey("hangar.hangar_id"), primary_key = True)
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How do 'Car' and 'Garage' come into picture? –  RedBaron Jun 27 '12 at 11:11
Sorry my mistake/ –  bozhidarc Jun 27 '12 at 11:30

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you need to map usersPlanesHangars to a class, and explicitly create an instance of UsersPlanesHangars each time you'd like one of these rows to be inserted.

My guess here is that the m2m is really between planes and users, and the hangar is associated with each plane/user association. You'd likely consider a pattern like Association Object for this.

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