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I am developing a Facebook application, and I am trying to publish the users' activites in my application in the user's wall, like when the user comments on post, the story feedback appears in his wall and is available to his friends to see

I have read these tutorials:


As well as the following threads:

How to publish Actions to Facebook Graph API with parameters in call URL

Facebook- Publishing a story to user's wall

I am confused about which one I should follow because openGraph seems a bit complicated to implement....so what is the best practice to achieve my requirement?

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If you want to post activities on users wall, open graph is preferred way and you will get large distribution(marketing) also.

You can use the PHP Official sdk from facebook, which makes you job easier.

To post open graph actions, you should take publish_actions extended permission from user.


You can post on user's wall using /me/feed method requires [publish_stream][3] extended permission.

SDK tutorial


Open graph sample application
Download Social Cafe app and see their code

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You can use Javascript SDK as well, and sometimes that is actually getting better. For example, recently Facebook enforces that users have to read for at least 10 seconds before the app publishes news:Read. These are the usecases that can be handled very efficiently with javascript sdk and jquery (or similar client-side technology).

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