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I have my application code base with multiple activities in it. I have a BaseActivity class which extends Activity class and is the parent class for all Activities in my application. BaseActivity takes care of the state my application goes in background and comes back to foreground. Now I have written few more Activities which are using fragments so these new Activities are extending FragmentActivity. But my application design requires that all activities should extend BaseActivity class.

Solution in my mind:

  • BaseActivity extend FragmentActivity instead of Activity class.
  • New activities(with fragments) extend BaseActivity instead of directly extending FragmentActivity.

With this solution I am afraid of any side effect in my existing activities which were extending Activity class (through BaseActivity). Now these activities will extend FragmentActivity (although they are not having fragments inside). Is it okay if I extend FragmentActivity even though I dont have any fragment inside. Will it behave same as Activity?

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as FragmentActivity extends Activity so looks it's fine.jsut you need to add compitiblilty library if want to give the support for old versions


Even I did same and found no side effect yet

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I am unable to use startActivity(intent); in FragmentActivity ? after changing Activity to FragmentActivity. –  Chirag Patel Aug 25 '12 at 10:04
Has anyone found any side effects of switching to subclassing FragmentActivity in your BaseActivity as of yet? –  user1006419 Aug 28 '12 at 19:36

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