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I use IntelliJ IDEA. I need to profile plugin for Arbortext Editor (Epic). It launches my plugin which consists of a set of *.class files. Arbortext Editor has internal JRE 1.42 folder.I am able to debug the plugin using commands like set javadebugport=3500; in the special acl script file. The plugin cannot be run directly within IDEA. Instead of it I launch epic.exe and choose Debug in the IDE. The IDE knows about javadebugport value.
Here is acl contents (the 2nd string belongs to YourKit Java Profiler setting):

 set javadebugport=3500;
 set javavmargs= -agentpath:"D:\\YourKit\\bin\\win32\\yjpagent.dll"

set javavmargs= vmargs explanation:

The value of this option will be passed to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as command line arguments when the JVM is loaded. This option can't specify the class path. Set the class path using the set javaclasspath option.

But profiling in YourKit does not work.Anvir Task manager shows that yjpagent.dll is not loaded. javavmargs is transformed by Arbortext Editor into corresponding Java arguments. Is it possible to profile this plugin within IDEA or without it using one of the profilers: YourKit Java Profiler, JProfiler, visualvm_134?

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So, I need a profiler for 1.42 Java plugin. –  ilya Jun 28 '12 at 5:50
So, I need a profiler for 1.42 Java plugin. – ilya 4 hours ago I am able to use 1.5 Java too, but for Epic 5.2. –  ilya Jun 28 '12 at 11:02
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