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Is it possible to parse data from a .wsdl file under android? I've been trying to use ksoap2 library but can't find a way to make it parse data from a .wsdl local file rather than calling a webservice.

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Here basic android tutorial to access web service in android basic ksoap android tutorial

For parse the data from webservice you need to

1) Call webservice for that I already give a link

2) and pasted sample code to parse data getting from .wsdl i.s webservice

 SoapObject obj2=(SoapObject) envelope.bodyIn; 

for(int i=0; i<obj2.getPropertyCount(); i++)
   SoapObject obj3 =(SoapObject) obj2.getProperty(0);
   int id= Integer.parseInt(obj2.getProperty(0).toString());
   String name = obj2.getProperty(1).toString();
   String lastNmae = obj2.getProperty(2).toString();
   int mobNo= Integer.parseInt(obj2.getProperty(3).toString());

If still have problem then you can write me. and give the code you written( if possible )so that I can help you.

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He asked for parsing from local file, not from response of web service. –  Hoang Huu Apr 14 at 18:15

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