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I am trying to run profiler and get it to log to a database. The profiler starts to run and then after few hours (yes few hours, I know its bad!!) the profiler stops with the message.

Failed to save trace data to table

When I look at the logs, I can only find:

SQL Trace stopped. Trace ID = '2'. Login Name = 'sa'.

There are no other error messages. Any ideas why this might be happening?

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Does the database containing the trace table have plenty of free space? Is autogrowth enabled? As a guess, it's possible that the DB is running out of space and/or it can't grow fast enough to avoid a timeout. –  Pondlife Jun 27 '12 at 16:09
@Pondlife Yes, the database contains the trace table. There is a good amount of space and and autogrowth is also enabled. –  Sabrish Ayyappan Jun 28 '12 at 10:46

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If you have grouping defined, you will receive that error if you try to save to table. In "Trace properties" dialog, go to Events Selection->Organize Columns (button) and move everything from "Groups" section down to "Columns" section. Click OK, Run, and enjoy!

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