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Sorry if this is a newbie question, searching google and SO turns up nothing, I am probably not using the right terms, but here goes ....

If I have a User model with a name, and I want to find a 'john' I know I can do

User.find_by_name 'john'. 


But suppose I have a list of names that I want to retrieve. I could do a find_by for each name in the list - resulting in multiple sql queries. Or I could do User.all and filter the result in memory against my list.

Both seem like they could be quite expensive and not very scalable, when in raw sql I could just write:

select * from users where name in ('john', 'peter', 'susan', ... );

And get the whole lot in one query.

Am I missing a trick or can active record do this too? If not then what is the recommended best way to do this from within a rails 3 application?

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Try this

names = ['John', 'Mary']
users = User.where(name: names)
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User.find_all_by_name(names) works too, though it's probably considered old school now.

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