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I am developing a Game in which sprite have to jump forward . I already explore it and used MoveYModifier for up and then MoveYModifier for down again it is working right except on more then one tap on the screen.But I want to move him forward as well while jump.

                 final Entity playerEntity = move;
                 final float jumpDuration = 3;
                final float startX = playerEntity.getX();
                final float jumpHeight = 100;

                final MoveXModifier moveUpModifier = new MoveXModifier(jumpDuration / 2, startX, startX - jumpHeight); // - since we want the sprite to go up.
                final MoveXModifier moveDownModifier = new MoveXModifier(jumpDuration / 2,startX - jumpHeight, startX);
                final SequenceEntityModifier modifier = new SequenceEntityModifier(moveUpModifier, moveDownModifier);

                return true;
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Instead of using MoveXModifier why not just use the MoveModifier?

final MoveModifier jumpForward = new MoveModifier(pDuration, pFromX, pToX, pFromY, pToY);
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:) Thanks you save my day – sheraz amin Jun 27 '12 at 11:25

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