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how do I add windows phone system colors to icon using expression design?

I'd like to know whether there's any way I could take a PNG file (white and transparent) and replace the white in it with the accent (or some other) colour?

Many thanks in advance!


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I answered this exact question two days ago:

This is a great blog post that I've used before which goes step-by-step into applying the System themes into images (which should be white.. but It'll get into the nitty-gritty details!)

Using an image as a mask so that WP7 theme’s are honoured

For example, here's how you can do it using a Rectangle and OpacityMask:

<Rectangle Fill="Black" Height="48" Width="48">
                <ImageBrush ImageSource="/MyProject;comåponent/Images/Dark/appbar.add.rest.png" />

Note that the Height & Width are set explicitly to the Width & Height of my ImageSource. This fixes the stretching issue that will occur if you don't do this.

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