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i am using hybridauth to get userinformation from social web sites like facebook,twitter, etc.PHP lib to connect i configured using install.php which is available in the hybridauth folder itself.

when i tried to use some examples available in my own application i get the following error

Hybriauth configuration error.

Original error message: Hybriauth config does not exist on the given path.

here is my full code:(index.php)

    // start a new session (required for Hybridauth)

    // change the following paths if necessary

    //require_once( str_replace('//','/',dirname(__FILE__).'/') .'folder/sub.php'); 

    $config = dirname(__FILE__).'hybridauth/config.php';
    require_once( "hybridauth/Hybrid/Auth.php" );
    // create an instance for Hybridauth with the configuration file path as parameter
    $hybridauth = new Hybrid_Auth( $config );
    // try to authenticate the user with twitter,
    // user will be redirected to Twitter for authentication,
    // if he already did, then Hybridauth will ignore this step and return an instance of the adapter
    $twitter = $hybridauth->authenticate( "Twitter" );

    // get the user profile
    $twitter_user_profile = $twitter->getUserProfile();
    echo "Ohai there! U are connected with: <b>{$twitter->id}</b><br />";
    echo "As: <b>{$twitter_user_profile->displayName}</b><br />";
    echo "And your provider user identifier is: <b>{$twitter_user_profile->identifier}</b><br />";

    // debug the user profile
    print_r( $twitter_user_profile );

    // exp of using the twitter social api: return users count of friends, followers, updates etc.
    $account_totals = $twitter->api()->get( 'account/totals.json' );

    // print recived stats
    echo "Here some of yours stats on twitter: " . print_r( $account_totals, true );

    // disconnect the user ONLY form twitter
    // this will not disconnect the user from others providers if any used nor from your application
    echo "Logging out..";
    catch( Exception $e ){
    // Display the recived error,
    // to know more please refer to Exceptions handling section on the userguide
    switch( $e->getCode() ){
    case 0 : echo "Unspecified error."; break;
    case 1 : echo "Hybriauth configuration error."; break;
    case 2 : echo "Provider not properly configured."; break;
    case 3 : echo "Unknown or disabled provider."; break;
    case 4 : echo "Missing provider application credentials."; break;
    case 5 : echo "Authentification failed. "
    . "The user has canceled the authentication or the provider refused the connection.";
    case 6 : echo "User profile request failed. Most likely the user is not connected "
    . "to the provider and he should authenticate again.";
    case 7 : echo "User not connected to the provider.";
    case 8 : echo "Provider does not support this feature."; break;

    // well, basically your should not display this to the end user, just give him a hint and move on..
    echo "<br /><br /><b>Original error message:</b> " . $e->getMessage();

my folder structure is as follows :

project folder : 
       -- Hybrid

since i am very new guy to this PHP i am unable to find it out please do help me to find this.

Regards Tony

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dirname will give you something like /my/website/scripts without the ending slash.

so you need to change your code to:

$config = dirname(__FILE__).'/hybridauth/config.php';

An aside, consider using absolute paths for your require()s and include()s

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thanks it helped me –  Edan Jun 27 '12 at 11:25
No probs Tony, welcome to PHP :P this will happen alot. –  Question Mark Jun 27 '12 at 11:53
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