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I have two MSI installers for 32 bit and 64 bit platforms, and I'd like to create a single installer to ship that will run the appropriate MSI based on the platform it's being run on. I appreciate that this is not possible with MSI alone.

The package required is very simple, just check the bit-ness of the platform it's running on and launch the appropriate MSI, but I haven't yet found any free tools that will do this. I've come across NSIS, which looks promising, does anyone know if it is appropriate for this task?

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Early research looks positive. –  Tom Medley Jun 27 '12 at 11:49

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Use x64.nsh to detect the platform and then extract & execute. Something like this:

!include x64.nsh
${If} ${RunningX64}
  File "/oname=$pluginsdir\inst.msi" "myfiles\amd64.msi"
  File "/oname=$pluginsdir\inst.msi" "myfiles\x86.msi"
ExecWait '"msiexec" /i "$pluginsdir\inst.msi"'
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