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I am having a problem with structuring rails application. Let's say that I have a Style model and I want to have listed 5 featured ones on my page root (/), and browse option where I can set listing from the oldest to the newest and vice versa.

http://example.com/ - five featured http://example.com/styles/newest - all newest http://example.com/styles/oldest - all oldest

How do I code the controller and routes? I've tried separate controllers for five featured and for all with if statement ( something like if params[:order] == 'oldest' then @styles = Style.oldest), but this doesn't seem to be either working or logical.

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please add your existing code, controllers, models, routes. and an error if that is what led to the question. I'll think about it in the meantime. –  holaSenor Jun 27 '12 at 13:15

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Add two custom routes. Routes.rb

resources :styles do
  collection do
    get :newest
    get :oldest

root :to => 'styles#index'


def index
   @styles = Style.last(5)

def newest
   @styles = Style.order("created_at desc")

def oldest

Suggestion: Keep it simple.

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