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I try to use a simple validator translation. my files:


            - MaxLength:  {limit: 2, message: "some_user.max_length" }


    max_length: Wartość jest zbyt długa

in twig file loaded by ajax, I have this:

{{ form_error(form) }}

When I try my validator, app throw this:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Unable to choose a translation for "Wartość jest zbyt długa" with locale "pl".")

It seems like double translation? Any ideas?

I found workaround, in Action:

$errorList = $this->get('validator')->validate($address);
$errors = "";
if (count($errorList) > 0) {
    foreach ($errorList as $err) {
        $errors.= $this->get('translator')
                    ->trans($err->getMessage(), array(), 'validators') . "\n";


but its awful way, I think.

It seems like translated twice in twig... but why?

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it was problem with "pluralization" should look like this:

        - MaxLength:  {limit: 2, message: "some_user.max_length|some_user.max_length_s" }

but now, twig render only:

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I know it's been a long time ago since you asked the question but I just came across the same problem so hopefully that would be usefull for others:

Your should look like:

        - MaxLength:  {limit: 2, message: "some_user.max_length" }

Then your file that manages the translation, let's say should look like:


<trans-unit id="1">
    <target>Your text|Your plural text</target>


And the result in twig will now be rendered correctly.

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Core\HardwareBundle\Entity\WarningConfig: properties: name: - NotBlank: ~ - MinLength: { limit: 5, message: "single|plural" } Still doesn't work for me - getting the "Unable to choose a translation for..." exception. Symfony 2.1.4 – thorinkor Apr 5 '13 at 6:49

You should check PluralizationRules.php to see how pluralization is defined for your language. According to unicode you should supply 3 transaltion options, not 2. Because you supplyed 2 and the data needed the third an exception was thrown (the InvalidArgumentException). I find the exception message a bit missleading :)

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