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I'm testing out facebook integration via the canvas to get to grips with this before I start development on a larger project. I first attempted this with the PHP SDK, but came across this error with validating the access token. (So I'm now avoiding the SDK - purely because it seemed buggy).

However, what I'm having problems with, is a period of time without any activity (while using the sdk or not) when I reload the app page, the following error "sometimes" occurs:

Error: (OAuthException) : error code : [190]
  " Error validating access token: 
    The session was invalidated explicitly using an API call. "

No problem, I thought. I'll get a new access token using the $_REQUEST['code'] that is posted to the iframe from facebook, using:

$access_token_url = http://graph.facebook.com/oauth/accesss_token?

the problem is; When I use the following function to get a new access_token:


it fails with the following error:

Code was invalid or expired. 
The session was invalidated explicitly using an API call. 
[type] => OAuthException [code] => 100

Why is it that the $access_token posted to my canvas app via $_REQUEST['signed_request'] only works sometimes, and then after a while of not working, continues to work at a later time. I'm completely baffled.

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