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Oauth2 autentification library Works well on the localhost but crashes when is uploaded to the Google App Engine


When it does the line 250 of the above code

r, err := (&http.Client{Transport: t.transport()}).PostForm(t.TokenURL, v)

The error response is "permission denied"

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From the api.go documentation :

Since the Google App Engine URL Fetch API requires a per-request context, you must use the *plus.Service from within an HTTP handler. This package provides the WithNoAuthPlus and WithOAuthPlus functions which you can use to wrap your HTTP handlers to provide them with fully initialized *plus.Services.


c := appengine.NewContext(r)
trans := &oauth.Transport{
    Config:    oauthConfig,
    Transport: &urlfetch.Transport{Context: c},
resp, err := trans.Client().Get(profileInfoURL)
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