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I am trying to implement error handling in below function. My problem is that I need to unwrap Future[Either[Exception,MyValue]] and test for "Right" every time I what to use the MyValue as a param.

The strategy is to let the Future.flow fail if any of the f1 to f4 fails.

One solution is to pass the Either[Exception,MyValue] as a param to the funcReturnFutureEitherX() like funcReturnFutureEither3(f2()) but this just propagate the error handling downwards instead of handling it in the main program MyFlowFunc().

How do I implement error handling in the below function and keep it running none blocking ?

def MyFlowFunc():Future[(MyValue,MyValue,MyValue,MyValue)] =
    val v = Future.flow {
        // fail flow if below functions fails with a Either.Left() 
        val f1 = funcReturnFutureEither1()   
        val f2 = funcReturnFutureEither2(f1())
        val f3 = funcReturnFutureEither3(f2())
        val f4 = funcReturnFutureEither4(f1())
        val res = (f1(),f2(),f3(),f4())
def funcReturnEitherX(val:MyValue):Future[Either[Exception,MyValue]]
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Ok, Found the answer myself. Don't do any error handling with Either or Option just use fallbackTo(Future(None)). which will translate into v.fallbackTo(Future(None)) in the above code. – Peter Lerche Jun 27 '12 at 13:11

If you use scalaz, the following will probably make sense. If not, it can be interesting to read about it:

Either[L,R] is isomorphic to Validation[E,A], however the latter is usually used as an Applicative Functor. Since Future is also an applicative functor, their composed type of Future[Validation[E, A]] is also an Applicative.

Then you could just use the |@| operator to combine the arguments and pass them into a contextless function. In practice you might need to write an Applicative typeclass for Future.

Update: See this gist for example code.

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By the way, this sounds so fun that I might try to implement it in practice and come back with an example. – ron Jun 27 '12 at 16:05

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