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I want to click on a button using UI Automation. I am using UI Automation in Winform VC++.

Here is my code..

 AutomationElement^  Select_connect_button= aeForm->FindFirst(TreeScope::Children,gcnew PropertyCondition(AutomationElement::NameProperty, "Select/Connect"));
InvokePattern^ ipClickButton1 = (InvokePattern)Select_connect_button->GetCurrentPattern(InvokePattern::Pattern);

but it is showing these Error:

error C2440: 'type cast' : cannot convert from 'System::Object ^' to 'System::Windows::Automation::InvokePattern'

error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'System::Windows::Automation::InvokePattern' to 'System::Windows::Automation::InvokePattern ^'

Can anybody please help me to resolve these Errors.


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The build error is you convert (InvokePattern) to "InvokePattern^".

In my testing, update the second line to below code will fix this issue:

InvokePattern^ ipClickButton1 = (InvokePattern^)Select_connect_button->GetCurrentPattern(InvokePattern::Pattern);

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You can't cast with those objects. Here is one way to do it in C#. You can get the method names, etc. here. The various constants you need are in something like:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Include\UIAutomationClient.h (might be the v7.1 directory instead)

public static IUIAutomationInvokePattern elementToInvokePattern(this IUIAutomationElement element)
        var conditionInvokePattern = auto.CreatePropertyCondition(

        var cacheRequest = auto.CreateCacheRequest();

        var cachedElement = element.FindFirstBuildCache(TreeScope.TreeScope_Element,

        var invokePattern = (IUIAutomationInvokePattern)
        return invokePattern;

Looks like constants in the example are from here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd757483.aspx

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