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I developed a Content type of "Car Sales" with following fields:

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Model
  3. Make
  4. Fuel Type
  5. Transmission (Manual/Automatic)
  6. Color
  7. Registered? (Yes/No)
  8. Mileage
  9. Engine Power
  10. Condition (New/Reconditioned/Used)
  11. Price
  12. Pictures (Multiple uploads)

I have developed View of this Content Type to display list of cars. Now I want to develop a screen/view for individual Car Sale Record like this: enter image description here

Apart from arranging fields, please note that I want to embed a Picture Gallery in between. Can this be achieved through Drupal 7 Admin UI or do I need to create custom CSS and template files? If I need to edit certain template files/css, what are those? I'm using Zen Sub Theme.

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I would accomplish this by creating a page, and then creating a node template to accompany it. Start by creating a new node, and then record the NID for the name of the template.

Then, in your template, create a new file, and name it in the following manner: node--[node id].tpl.php

Then, in that file, paste in the following helper function (or you can put it in template.php if you're going to use it elsewhere in your site):

 * Gets the resulting output of a view as an array of rows,
 * each containing the rendered fields of the view
function views_get_rendered_fields($name, $display_id = NULL) {
    $args = func_get_args();
    array_shift($args); // remove $name
    if (count($args)) {
        array_shift($args); // remove $display_id

    $view = views_get_view($name);
    if (is_object($view)) {
        if (is_array($args)) {
        if (is_string($display_id)) {
        else {
        return $view->style_plugin->rendered_fields;
    } else {
        return array();

Then add the following code to your template:

  $cars = views_get_rendered_fields('view name', 'default', [...any arguments to be passed to the view]);
  foreach ($cars as $car): ?>
    <div>Put your mockup in here. It might be helpful to run <?php die('<pre>'.print_r($car, 1).'</pre>'); ?> to see what the $car array looks like.</div>
  <?php endforeach;

Just change the placeholders in the code to whatever you want the markup to be, and you should be set!

As I mentioned above, it's always helpful to do <?php die('<pre>'.print_r($car,1).'</pre>'); ?> to have a visual representation of what the array looks like printed.

I use views_get_rendered_fields all the time in my code because it allows me to completely customize the output of the view.

As a Reminder: Always clear your caches every time you create a new template.

Best of luck!

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