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i have extended my jboss gatein login module to add sme additional validations.. now i need to pass my custom validation message to my login screen, for the same i have thrown a LoginException with a parameter message string each time the validation fails . how can i capture this exception message and print in my login screen..

        <form id="loginForm" name="loginform" method="post"
        action="<%= contextPath + "/login"%>">

above is my login form action

  <login-module code="org.exoplatform.services.security.j2ee.JbossLoginModule" flag="required">
    <module-option name="portalContainerName">portal</module-option>
    <module-option name="realmName">gatein-domain</module-option>
  <login-module code="com.radiant.cisms.loginmodule.LicensingLogin" flag="required">
    <module-option name="portalContainerName">portal</module-option>
    <module-option name="realmName">gatein-domain</module-option>

above is my jboss-beans.xml

    public boolean login() throws LoginException {      

    System.out.println("enter login module :");

        throw new LoginException("inside evaluation period");

    }catch(Exception e){
    return true;
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I found this article http://www.jroller.com/heonkoo/category/JBoss, it is about JBoss AS 4 but the valve on which this solution is based (aka org.jboss.web.tomcat.security.FormAuthValve) is still in JBoss AS 6 in ${config-root}/deploy/jbossweb.sar/jboss-web-service.jar. I did not personally try it but feel free to give it a try.

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