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I'm working on a script that is supposed to install some software from a link within internet explorer and unfortunately the site requires 32bit internet explorer to work. Is there a way to force a 32bit internet explorer window to open on 64bit machines? The script works fine when running from a 32bit machine.

$ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application
$ie.Visible = $true
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$url = "http://www.google.com"
$shell = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell
$shell.Exec("C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe $url") | Out-Null
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One solution is to explicit launch powershell.exe 32bit version using the full path under the SysWOW64 folder (C:\windows\syswow64\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe) and run your script.

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I don't know the answer for PowerShell, but in C you would pass CLSCTX_ACTIVATE_32_BIT_SERVER to CoCreateInstance. Perhaps you know how to translate that to PowerShell-land?

Note: In the code I have that does this, there's a comment: "The presence of this flag on 32 bit XP makes the call fail" (followed by some threats of violence directed towards Microsoft's API developers that I won't publish here). The code goes on to add the flag only when running on 64-bit Windows.

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The easiest solution to your problem is to Start Powershell in 32 bit.


Windows Powershellx86


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Is there any difference between your answer and the answer provided by @CB.? –  dazedconfused Dec 12 '14 at 9:35

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