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Any advice how to console.log the element that fired an hover action? This is only for debugging a strange behavior i'm on on iOS.

I don't need to find the item on which action was performed, but who is performing the action. For example on a simple mouse hover I want to console.log the mouse.

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Using native javascript, the window.event object is populated when an event fires, and the event.srcElement will give you DOM object that fired the event.

Using jQuery, the this reference inside an event handler will also give you the DOM object that handled the event.

Neither of these will tell you that mouseover was fired by a mouse, but they will give the DOM elements involved.

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Just check "originalEvent" if it is a mouseover:


If you just have the event in your function, better check if it is a mouseover:


See the jsfiddle here.

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i'm not sure i understand why you'd need to programatically discover that it's a mouseover event when the code is inside a mouseover handler – jbabey Jun 27 '12 at 13:16
I just did that because of the question I don't know where he wants to log the mouseevent. Of course you don't need the mouseover check in my example but it was just to show the event.originalEvent access and to copy&paste it in the solution. But you are right, it's confusing, I updated my answer. – Marc Jun 27 '12 at 13:29

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