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I am working on an app and would like to display all the comments for a given Soundcloud track in real time. We have created a custom html5 audio player and it is not the format of the standard embedabble soundcloud player. The comments should show up in a given space and follow the progress of the song. It would display the comment with a timestamp of "5 seconds" when the song has played for 5 seconds, etc.

Currently we have only found that you must make a separate API call for each new comment.

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The custom player from SoundCloud doesn't support this at the moment.

But if you're building a player using the SC.stream function of the SoundCloud JS SDK you can use the ontimedcomments options:

SC.stream("/tracks", { autoPlay: true, ontimedcomments: function(comments){ console.log("First Comment at this timestamp", comments[0].body); } });

The only downside with this is that you have to build the player UI yourself. There are some more examples in this post: http://developers.soundcloud.com/blog/rich-media-using-timed-comments

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